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What Happens in Therapy When You're in Expert Hands? Welcome to Cultivate Therapy!

Hello there!

I'm Melissa Schneider, LCSW, therapist and founder of Cultivate Therapy in Jersey City. I'm thrilled to welcome you to our corner of the internet!

With nearly two decades of experience in the world of counseling and psychotherapy, I've had the privilege of working alongside many talented therapists. A good therapist can help you with many things, but once in a while, people have a life-changing experience in therapy. How does that happen? And how can you get that kind of therapy?!

We can't predict the magic every time, but I've noticed two important things about therapists and therapy over the years. Let's call these the two secrets for having a great experience in therapy.

Secret #1: The Riches Are In the Niches

Every good therapist has a few specialties, a few niches. When we help you with that thing, suddenly you're not just working with a good therapist but a great therapist. Those 3 or 4 issues are the things we're most passionate about. We're not just "helping" with these issues, we're on a mission to master our craft, to get results, to change your life. For these special issues, we:

  • delve into the research

  • geek out over the latest developments

  • read the books

  • pursue the additional training

  • get the highest certification

These therapy issues truly energize us. Helping you with this thing is why we became a therapist in the first place!

At Cultivate Therapy, our first mission is to connect you with a great therapist -- and that means you get a specialist doing their best work.

Secret #2: We Want You to Be Our Favorite

Now, here's a little confession: we therapists all have a few favorite types of clients. We genuinely care about all our clients and are committed to doing our best. But we have a special place in our heart for certain folks -- maybe it's recent college grads, high-conflict couples, new moms, or bicultural clients. Whoever it is, we just light up when we schedule a first session with those clients. I

Now oddly, I've never seen a therapy practice that talks openly about this aspect of picking a great therapist. But it probably makes intuitive sense when you think about it-- there's just a unique kind of excitement and purpose for us in helping these "favorite clients." This gravitational pull to certain clients usually has roots in own origin story, in who we are, in our personal sense of purpose. Simply put, these clients are going to get our best effort and energy and I think that's a big part of why they get not just the good but the life-changing experience in therapy.

At Cultivate Therapy, our second mission is to connect you with an energized therapist on a mission to help clients just like you.

Your Path to Transformation: The Cultivate Experience

So now you know the 2 secrets to getting the most growth in therapy. I think you deserve to make progress, to get results, to experience not just a bit of help but transformation. That's why I built a practice with this specialized focus--because I want to connect you with a therapist doing their best work with the clients they love to serve.

By working with a Cultivate therapist, you're not just accessing therapy; you're accessing a great therapist with a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm for you in particular.

Let's Meet: Book a Free Consult!

We've laid our cards on the table so you can easily find the best therapist for you. Head on over to our Pick Your Therapist page to find out what our specialties are and who we love to serve.

Click here to book a free consult to see if that therapist is the best person for you.

We could all use a trusted guide through life's ups and downs. And we'll all face a season where expert guidance would really make a difference. Reach out anytime--we're here for you.

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