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Starting Therapy Again

Meet your team.

Therapists that can help you Get Started


 Audrey Augustave

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Rebecca Walsman


Evan Greenberg


Allison Gaydos

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Madeline Salerno

Zahayra Headshot_edited_edited_edited.png

Zahayra Carino

So you’re starting therapy again.  And this time, you want to see growth and improvement.   

  • Lost Your Therapist:  Maybe you had a good therapist, but you moved or they left the practice or retired, so you’re looking for someone new. 

  • Blah Experiences:  Maybe your first (or second or third) therapist was fine, but nothing special.  This time, you really want to make progress.  

  • New Service:  Maybe you love your individual therapist but want to try couples therapy.  Or the other way around.  

  • Bad Experiene:  Maybe you had a bad experience last time–we’re really sorry if that happened to you.  It can be hard to start over and trust someone new.  

We want you to know that our therapists are seasoned professionals that we trust.  It matters to us to ensure that you are safe in therapy and working with an expert.   Therapy should make a difference, your symptoms should improve, you should see the needle moving.  

Take a deep breath and let's try again--together.   Pick your therapist and book a free consult below.  

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Meet with us in our Jersey City office or via telehealth for online therapy. 

Regardless of why you’re starting therapy again, we’ve glad you’re here.  This time, you want to meet a specialist who can truly help make therapy a transformative and empowering experience.  You’re ready to grow and we’re here to cultivate your path along the way.

Choosing a specialist who loves what they do can make a big difference in the impact of therapy and can nudge growth along more quickly.  We want you to work with someone who possesses the knowledge and skills to guide you through your healing process in the best way possible.   

We don’t want to over-promise.  Therapy can be challenging and some issues or problems may take time and patience to heal.  The therapeutic relationship is also important–you have to like and trust your therapist, and you can’t tell that from reading a bio.  That’s why we always start with a free consultation so you can meet your therapist, get a sense of their style, and ask your questions about their approach.    

We want this therapy experience to be a good one.  At Cultivate Therapy, we’re committed to connecting you with a specialist who loves working with clients like you.   We think that’s the best way to make significant progress, experience personal growth, and achieve greater well-being.

Meet our team and get started (again) with a free consultation.

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