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The 2 Secrets
of Great Therapy.

My name is Melissa Schneider, and I’m the founder of Cultivate Therapy.  I’ve been in the field for almost 20 years and have met many good therapists.  

Now, a good therapist can help you with many things.  But I want to tell you two secrets about therapists:

  • First, every good therapist has just a few niches—those three or four issues we are passionate about. We went into the field to help with this stuff. These issues get the bulk of our attention—we read the research, geek out, and get extra training and certifications because we care so much about treating those problems. These are the therapy goals that energize us the most. They are our specialties. 

  • Second, Ok, I’ll say it.  Every good therapist has a few favorite types of clients. These are the people we most love to work with.  We love you all, of course, but we have a special place in our hearts for some folks– recent college grads, high-conflict couples, new moms, or bicultural clients.  We light up when we schedule a first session with those clients.     


That’s the secret:  we all have just a few specialties and favorite clients.  


Does that sound like a recipe for an energized therapist doing what they’re best at?


And a strategy for you to get the most growth in therapy?


We thought so too.


Welcome to Cultivate Therapy. We’re a practice that connects you to therapists who are doing their best work with the clients they love to serve.  


We’re putting our cards on the table because we want you to be confident you’re working with a specialist on a mission to help clients like you.  


You get the most growth possible in therapy.  


We get to love working with you.  


Excited?  We are.

Hello there

Get to know Melissa Schneider

Melissa Schneider, LCSW is a therapist, writer, and speaker specializing in couples therapy and support for entrepreneurs.  In 2019, she founded Resolution Counseling Center in Jersey City.  In 2023, she launched Cultivate Therapy to bring more specialized services to her community.  Melissa earned her masters in Social Work from Columbia University in 2006 and lives in Jersey City with her husband and twin first graders

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