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Grief & Loss Therapy, Bereavement Counseling

At Cultivate Therapy, we specialize in therapy for grief, loss, and bereavement, providing support and guidance to individuals navigating the challenging journey of mourning.


Our therapists understand the unique and complex emotions that accompany grief, and we are dedicated to helping you process your loss, find healing, and rebuild a meaningful life.

Meet your team.

Therapists offering Grief Counseling

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Madeline Salerno

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Rebecca Walsman

You may be experiencing:  

  • Overwhelming sadness, sorrow, and a deep sense of loss

  • Intense feelings of grief, longing, or emptiness

  • Difficulty accepting the reality of the loss

  • Persistent thoughts or preoccupations about the person or situation you have lost

  • Changes in appetite, sleep patterns, or energy levels

  • Social withdrawal or isolation

  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions

  • Anger, guilt, or regret related to the loss

  • Spiritual or existential questioning

  • Challenges in adjusting to a new normal without your loved one or what has been lost

And you may want to grow in these ways:

  • Process and express your grief in a healthy and adaptive way

  • Find meaning and purpose amidst loss

  • Develop coping strategies to navigate the emotional waves of grief

  • Cultivate self-compassion and self-care during the grieving process

  • Explore and resolve unresolved issues or unfinished business related to the loss

  • Establish a support system and connect with others who have experienced similar losses

  • Restore a sense of hope, meaning, and joy in life

  • Integrate the loss into your identity and develop a renewed sense of self

  • Create rituals or practices to honor and remember your loved one or what has been lost

  • Move towards acceptance and find a way to move forward while still honoring your grief.

Banana Leaves

Meet with us in our Jersey City office or via telehealth for online therapy. 

In therapy sessions, our empathetic grief therapists provide a safe space where you can openly express your feelings, memories, and challenges related to your loss.


Through supportive conversations, therapeutic techniques, and personalized interventions, we will assist you in exploring and processing your grief, fostering healing, and developing resilience.

Take the first step towards healing and solace:  Book a free consultation today.

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