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Clinical Hypnosis:  PTSD & Trauma Recovery

At Cultivate Therapy, we're dedicated to your journey of healing and growth.


We offer a service you may not have tried before:  Clinical Hypnosis. 


Now, if you’re picturing an old Freudian-style man with a swinging pocket-watch, let us assure you that hypnotherapy has come a long way since the 40s.  It is now an innovative and highly effective approach for addressing traumatic memories and automatic reactions related to self-protection.

Meet your hypnosis team.

Therapists That Offer Hypnosis


Allison Gaydos

You may be experiencing:  

  • Persistent Intrusive Memories

  • Flashbacks or nightmares linked to past trauma

  • Intense emotions, such as sadness, anger, and guilt

  • Avoidance of reminders of the event

  • Fears associated with the trauma

  • A constant feeling of being on edge

  • Hypervigilance (repetitive checking to see if you're safe)

  • Exaggerated startle response 

  • Negative self-beliefs

  • Low sense of self-worth and inner power

  • A belief that you are responsible for the traumatic event

  • Difficulty with emotional or physical intimacy 

  • A lack of connection to your body, emotions, or your surroundings

And you may want to grow in these ways:

  • Tame those intrusive memories

  • Free yourself from flashbacks and nightmares linked to past trauma

  • Improve your ability to manage (or “regulate”) intense sadness, anger, and guilt

  • Overcome avoidance of reminders associated with traumatic events

  • Alleviate that feeling of being on edge

  • Ease hypervigilance

  • Reduce your startle response

  • Replace those negative self-beliefs with accurate, positive beliefs

  • Discover your self-worth 

  • Grow your sense of inner power

  • Know in your gut that this was not your fault 

  • Experience more peace and joy in your daily life

  • Discover an increased comfort with emotional and physical Intimacy in healthy relationships

Banana Leaves

Meet with us in our Jersey City office or via telehealth for online therapy. 

In therapy, our perinatal specialists will ask all about your pregnancy and birth story, get to know you, and walk you through an assessment to identify postpartum depression or anxiety and its severity level.  We’ll make the right recommendations from there and will work with your doctor or nurse if that’s part of your care plan.   

Therapy is a commitment to carving out time for yourself as a new parent–a space to discuss your thoughts, feelings, and concerns about this new season of life.  


We utilize evidence-based approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques to help you process your emotions, challenge negative thought patterns, and develop effective coping strategies. Our goal is to support you in your journey toward healing, recovery, and finding joy in motherhood and fatherhood.

Take the first step towards seeking support and guidance for postpartum depression and anxiety: Book a free consultation today.

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