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Our Rates.

We are insurance experts and are committed to going the extra mile to work with your out-of-network benefits.  Once you book your free consult, we’ll collect your insurance information and check your out-of-network coverage.  We’ll explain your coverage and give you a cost estimate before you come to your first session.   


While you’re in therapy, you’ll pay our fee on the day of the session, we’ll submit your claim right away, and your insurance will reimburse you according to your coverage.  Call your insurance to learn more using our list of questions:   How To Check Your Out Of Network Coverage.  

Billing or Insurance Questions:  
Elizabeth Beckley, Billing Manager

Many clients get 50-80% of the fee reimbursed after meeting their out-of-network deductible.

Use your HSA or FSA funds to save an extra 30% on therapy costs. 

You probably have an out-of-pocket max and if you meet that, therapy is free for the rest of the year!

So, while our session fees start at $200, our average client ends up paying $40-$90 per session.

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